Thursday, 30 January 2014

Being Maus - introduction

Together with my sister Jenne Bleijenburg (photographer) I've started this blog about my third son, Maus. It's not that my other two sons are less interesting, but Maus is our only Wolf child. Sometimes Jenne will add photo's to one of my texts, and sometimes one of her pictures will urge me to write something. Apart from that I steal pictures from the web without any scrupules.
This is Jenne's website, and this is a piece I wrote about her work for the Keep on dreaming exposition in New York, Amsterdam and Tokio.

As I am Dutch, there is also a more or less synchronical Dutch version of this blog. As the particular language sometimes forks off thoughts in a different direction, the one is not an exact translation of the other. (Just as the current english queen Elisabeth II can not be converted to our current king Willem Alexander by some finite set of conversion rules....)

Maus & me  -  c Jenne Bleijenburg

I realise that in writing this blog, I might be violating Maus' privacy. After all, I publish stories about him without his consent. So I worry that he might be disturbed by this when he is older.
I sincerely try  to walk a tightrope here.
And to be honest, I am not sure about this blog in this sense. There are ethical as well as motivational components to this.
One of the reasons for this blog is to promote my sisters photography, but I could do that in another way, writing about another subject.
Another reason is that I love to write, to take the time and think things over. And as my youngest son is rather a large part of my life, he is one of the subjects I think about a lot.
There is also a vanity part, probably large, of me wanting to show off how well I write or what interesting thoughts I have.....

On the other hand, the stories here are mostly just my personal ramblings on about a subject, just taking Maus as a starting point. He is like the muse of this blog, not necessarily the subject.

All things considered, it might be better to simply add a disclaimer.

Any resemblance in the stories in this blog to real persons, events or situations is purely coincidental!

And me, I also might be totally someone else.

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